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Feature to enable a category to hide files from other categories
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A common problem on commons is that categories are often cluttered with superseded images.

One way to address this problem could be to create an opposite of HIDDENCAT, lets call it ARCHIVECAT, which hide the files present in the category from view in all other non-hidden categories (i.e. normal categories).

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement



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AzaToth created this task.Oct 15 2011, 10:56 PM

Another solution would be to just not categorize such images ;)

This feature proposal seems a bit weird to me. If an image is in a category, I expect it to be findable by that category. I always assumed the point of categorizing something was in order to find it later.

I should have expanded the feature a bit;

Similar to that you are able to see hidden categories on a page, you should still be able, if you want, to see the hidden images in the other categories, but default the images are not listed in the category.

Also, if you end up on a superseded image, you still might want to be able to go to an relevant category directly.

This seems a bit weird. Please define superseded images. In which case/categories would the images be shown?

On commons, superseded files are files that have been replaced by an better version of the exact same subject; for example has been superseded by,_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron.jpg

Due to copyright and attribution issues, it has been decided that superseded images are not to be deleted.

See for more images, and et al for the policy in question.

Sounds like you want to remove the old items from publishing-style categories.