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[Unconference] How to use Wikidata to build web tools for the social good
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  • Title of session (the more detailed, the better!): How to use Wikidata to build web tools for the social good
  • Session description: In this session, we describe the methods that can be used for creating a web tool based on Wikidata (i.e., Wikidata Query Service, Wikibase Integrator, Wikidata Hub, Wikimedia Toolforge, Flask, Requests, ElasticSearch) through the screening of the source code of two tools developed in this context of social good projects: Sawtpedia for generating QRCodes for the voice recordings of Wikipedia Pages and MedCYN for providing clinical decision support. After that, we discuss how these methods of reusing Wikidata can be used for many other real-life applications, particularly in the African context.
  • Username for contact: Csisc, Yamen
  • Session duration (30 or 60 min): 45 minutes
  • Session type (presentation, workshop, discussion, etc.): Tutorial
  • Language of session (English, Arabic, etc.): English
  • Prerequisites (some Python, etc.): Basic Python
  • Any other details to share?:
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This session occurred with 19 participants. A recording has been done by the Production Team. However, I do not know whether it will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.