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Change Books.js component to React hooks component
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IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the Outreachy participant instructions and communication guidelines thoroughly before commenting on this task. This space is for project-specific questions, so avoid asking questions about getting started, setting up Gerrit, etc. When in doubt, ask your question on Zulip first!

Books.js is currently based on class component. Since class components are slowly becoming obsolete and we are moving to hooks-based components in other components, we should move Books component to hook-based model as well.

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Hello i'm an outreachy applicant i would like to work on this issue

Hi and thank you for your interest! Please check thoroughly (and all of its communication section!). The page covers how to get started, assigning tasks, task status, how to find a codebase, how to create patches, where to ask general development questions and where to get help with setup problems, and how to ask good questions. Thanks a lot! :)