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Table of contents for contents of paged categories (e.g. A-Z)
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Author: netoholic

Now that we have paging for categories (200 articles) and also the "from=X"
structure, we should also implement a "table of contents" solution like we
have for articles. At the English Wikipedia, an effort has already started to
do this with templates (see, but that solution seems
short-sighted, inefficient, and could potentially grow out of hand.

On all categories which page over, dynamically generate a table of contents
which will jump to the desired heading. The table should not display if the
category is small (under 200 articles), such that paging is not necessary.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


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netoholic wrote:

Let me also add that, with this feature, we can reduce the overall number of categories.
Specifically those sub-categories that are used only to sort by names ([[Category:Books
by title]]).

ayg wrote:

(note: not related to bug 8178, clarifying summary)

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