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History of pages visited / viewed
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I would like access to a list of pages viewed while I was logged in, similar to
the list of pages edited. Sometimes I find a page that I can never find again,
but I remember the day or week I found it.

Some wikis provide a kind of by-session breadcrumb trail, but I would prefer
something simple and permanent; a list in the db displayed/organized by date,
like the History section of one's web browser.

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Remove custom go-get / go-import code in Diffusion repositoriesrepos/phabricator/extensions!34aklapperrmGoGetT352322wmf/stable
Update .gitlab-ci.yml filerepos/security/wikimedia-code-health-check!29jhuneiditestmain
Remove custom go-get / go-import code in Diffusion repositoriesrepos/phabricator/phabricator!25aklapperT352322gowmf/stable
scap backport: Clarify prompt when unexpected commits are pulledrepos/releng/scap!200dancymaster-I8706a0ddf52b48bf1da96cdc628006ea42d57dd4master
Add commit-message-validator template for merge requestsrepos/security/gitlab-ci-security-templates!27sbassettT352331-add-commit-message-validatormain
Customize query in GitLab

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I would consider this unwise from a privacy point of view. Marking as WONTFIX for now on general

When I come across a page I might want to see later, I usually just plunk it in my watchlist...