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Update fr-tech maxmind config to pull databases from new url.
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Maxmind is transitioning to presigned URLs for the database downloads. We will need to update the config to support this new URL/domain. At a minimum, this includes ipset definitions, proxy config, and downloader settings.

Portion of the email announcement:

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 10:22:38
Subject: We're transitioning to R2 presigned URLs

We will begin using R2 presigned URLs for all database downloads starting May 1, 2024. Please read on for more information.


As of Wednesday, May 1, 2024, we will use R2 presigned URLs for all database downloads in order to increase the security and
reliability of our services. 

This is a potential breaking change. Please ensure that your servers can make HTTPS connections to the following hostname: