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BHL to Commons: tool needed
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There are a great many works on the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) that are of out-of-copyright and can legitimately be uploaded to Commons, often with a view to transcription on Wikisource, or to allow the subsequent extraction of images.

It would be beneficial to have a tool or script that can automate as much of this task as possible, akin to the IA Upload tool.

The task of uploading such images manually is laborious and time consuming, so much so as to be a deterrent. It also carried the risk of missing or mis-transcribing the associated metadata.

All edits made by the tool should use an identifying tag in the edit summary, and all images uploaded by it should be added to a category associated with the tool.

This may make a suitable project for a hackathon or student activity.

See also T286896

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