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Babel Italian text doesn't respond to user gender in Italian translation
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Steps to replicate the issue:

  • Set user gender to female in preferences.
  • Add a Babel tag with Italian proficiency to user page.
  • For an example, look at my user page on English Wikisource. I've set my gender to female in the settings, and added these language tags:

What happens? What should have happened instead?

The text for other languages uses feminine grammar when appropriate. For example, the Spanish text for es-4 says "Esta usuaria tiene un conocimiento casi nativo del español" and the French text for fr-1 says "Cette utilisatrice dispose de connaissances de base en français."

The Italian text does not use feminine grammar, but says "questo utente" ("this user", masculine) for all users. It should say "questa utente" for female users, since "utente" is masculine or feminine according to the gender of the referent (see Wiktionary). Since "utente" begins with a vowel, it would also be correct to say "quest'utente" regardless of the gender of the user.

The text should either use "questo utente" as the masculine, "questa utente" as the feminine, and "quest'utente" as the neutral; or use "quest'utente" for all users.

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