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Allow for <gallery> thumbnail links to be overridden and point to both internal and external links.
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Author: kim


I have created a patch which adds an optional parameter |link= to the <gallery> tag.

Here are a couple of examples.


File:20120106_001.jpg|my caption|alt=my alt text|link=

this would cause the link on the thumbnails rendered by the gallery tag to link to a custom page/url instead of the actual media/image.

The patch is fairly small, only touches two files. I would personally have commited these files to trunk, however i don't have core commit access, and i figured submitting it as a patch would carry less overhead.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: enhancement




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sumanah wrote:

Thanks for the patch, Kim! I made you a member of the group that can edit Bugzilla bugs, so if you have any future patches to core (between now and the Git migration) you can add the "patch" and "need-review" keywords to signal that your patch awaits inspection.

kim wrote:

Would probably be better if this patch is implemented sooner rather than later, as it is sensitive to code change.