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Discrepancies in transwiki links in different languages
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Author: Volodya

When there is an article win wikipedia, that is written in many different
languages. Adding another one language forces the editor to add transwiki links
to every language that already exists. Most of the time when article
<nowiki>[[en:A]]</nowiki> is the english version of <nowiki>[[ru:A]]</nowiki> it
goes both ways, so the addition is redundant.

Note: That is not always the case. As for example english article on
circumsition is devided into male and female circumsition, but russian one might
not. Therefore russian article should link to the broad circumcision article,
while all 3 english ones to the single russian one.

(please forgive me if i'm not clear enough, it's easier to draw than to explain)

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Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows Server 2003



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This report describes an aspect of how interwiki linking is difficult (which is why the system therefore works
the way it does) but doesn't seem to describe any bugs in the system or propose changes. Closing as

Volodya wrote:

As i have said, sorry if i'm not unclear. What i was suggesting was that when
you add the transwiki link from one side, it is automatically added to the other
side unless the previous linkage already exists.

As you said, that won't work because the mapping isn't one-to-one.

Volodya wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

As you said, that won't work because the mapping isn't one-to-one.

OK, now i think that you just don't want to hear anything here... q;-(

What i've said was that if there is a hard link to another language already in
place than it should take precedence. However, if none exists, than the page
linking from another language should create one.