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Interface for uploaded audio media
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Author: michael

On wikipedia people are starting to upload .ogg files to demonstrate pronunciation (e.g., at
[[Nikita Khrushchev]]), using [[:Template:Audio]].

The accessibility of this interface for audio is very poor, especially for novice users on stock
Windows or Mac systems (see [[Template talk:Audio#Overloaded interface]]).

Some specific problems:

  • Image: namespace's name is confusing when used for audio media.
  • Directly linking to audio media file needlessly adds the external link icon. Clicking on it won't

play it in some browsers.

  • Linking to description page is not much better. There's no good interface to play audio files

and no standard user help.

  • Most default systems don't have software to play .ogg files, so a warning or help should be

shown to users *before* they click.

  • Some linked audio files will never play in some browsers, unless embedded with <object> or

<embed> tag (e.g., .ogg in Safari, even with ogg QuickTime plugin installed it just downloads
the file).

Proposed interface:

  • Audio: or Sound: namespace.
  • Includes standard audio help on the description page.
  • Embeds the sound right on the description page, using <object> or <embed> tag.
  • Lets a logged-in user choose the preferred plug-in to request (QuickTime, Real, WinMedia).
  • Lets a logged-in user choose to autoplay sounds on their description page.

See also bug 44: "Why is image: used for all files?"

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Severity: normal



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See also discussion of possible interface and/or embedding techniques at

dunc_harris wrote:

*** Bug 7672 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

AFAICS all issues mentioned in the bug description are fixed in the current Wikipedia interface. If some issue is still missing, please reopen the bug report.