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Parser is a little dirty.
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Author: dmaj007

Stepped thru the parsers code for some kicks and saw some stuff that was wrong.
Here it is for all to see:

$stripState = NULL;
global $fnord; $fnord = 1;
$text = $this->strip( $text, $this->mStripState );
VOODOO MAGIC FIX! Sometimes the above segfaults in PHP5.
$x =& $this->mStripState;
$text = $this->strip( $text, $x );

The $stripState var is not used, ever. I am positive this is supposed to be

		foreach ( $this->mTagHooks as $tag => $callback ) {
			$ext_contents[$tag] = array();
			$text = Parser::extractTags( $tag, $text, $ext_content[$tag], $uniq_prefix );
			foreach( $ext_content[$tag] as $marker => $content ) {
				if ( $render ) {
					$ext_content[$tag][$marker] = $callback( $content );
				} else {
					$ext_content[$tag][$marker] = "<$tag>$content</$tag>";

You spawn the $ext_contents[$tag] arrays, they should read $ext_content[$tag]

at Tidy, you should really really consider spawning $pipes = array(); before
calling proc_open so it is nicer to look at. You do nothing with proc_close,
consider just making a cold call instead of assigning it a variable.

doTableStuff could have $matches spawned before the regex op. Just makes it nice
to read.

internalParse never uses its second function variable.

replaceExternalLinks could have $m2 spawned before the regex just for prettyness.

replaceFreeExternalLinks could have the same done with $m and it's $m2.

replaceInternalLinks: the same stuff.

replaceInternalLinks: globals out $wgLang and $wgDisableLangConversion without
using them, you assign $redirect to MagicWord::get ( MAG_REDIRECT ) without
using $redirect afterwards.

It would be nice if doBlockLevels could instantate $term and $t2 before its call
to findColonNoLinks where those vals are filled, $lastLine is spawned and never

replaceVariables never uses $wgScript and $wgArticlePath which it globalizes.

braceSubstitution could spawn the arrays that hold the matches for regexs before
the regex functions are called.

formatHeadings, same deal.

formatHeadings, globalizes $wgLinkHolders and $wgInterwikiLinkHolders without
using them.

formatHeadings, has $refer[$headlineCount] = $canonized_headline. I am nearly
positive that this should be $refers.

formatHeadings, $toclines, never used.

pstPass2 has $oldtzs, this should almost definatly be $oldtz.

pstPass2, please spawn the arrays that will hold regexs before the regex
function is called.

pstPass2, if I am wrong about $oldtzs being $oldtz, then $oldtz has no purpose
at all.

replaceLinkHolders, $current is never defined thus never set. Thus if ( !isset(
$current ) ) will always be true.

renderImageGallery, spawn arrays before regex.

This is all for now, feel free to disagree with any of this. :)

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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dmaj007 wrote:

Bugfix for the bugs!

Here is a bugfix for most of the bugs. Have fun!


avarab wrote:

Applied with some changes to REL1_4 and HEAD.