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Vietnamese Wikipedia logo needs to be updated
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I requested a logo switch for the Vietnamese Wikipedia ([[vi:Trang Chính|vi:]])
back in March, but nothing has happened since. Brion Vibber suggested that I
file this bug. The modified logo is already at [[vi:Image:Wiki.png]] and has
been protected.

Until the logo is updated, it'll be kind of awkward for our project, because the
logo still displays our old motto, "Bách khoa tự do", but the rest of the site
uses our new one, "Bách khoa toàn thư mở", which is apparently more correct in

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Severity: trivial



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avarab wrote:

Changed severity to trivial, asthetic change.


Some cached pages may show the old logo still: use ?action=purge to force an update
for that page.