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Changes to the autogenerated delete summary
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Author: wegge

By request from the admins on dawiki, the following patch has been made.

For tracking purposes, the IP-adress or username of a vandal is added to the
delete summary. In the current implementation, to find this, requires looking at
the history page, copy the username/IP if it's unique, and add it to the summary.

The attached patch automates this process, by adding the username to the delete
summary, if the same user has performed all of the edits. This has the minor
benefit of eliminating the secondary database lookup performed for showing the
page history. Also, this patch has refactored the messages 'exconten' and
'exbeforeblank', so that the autogenerated summary is added through wfMsg(),
instead of being tacked onto the end of the translated string.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement



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wegge wrote:

Patch against CVS HEAD

Inlcudes patches for the 35 language files that defines 'excontent' and/or

attachment Deletesummary.patch ignored as obsolete

wegge wrote:

Replacement for the previous UTF-8 nonsense

Same comments as for the previous patch, but hopefully this one isn't utf
encoded twice.

attachment Deletesummary2.patch ignored as obsolete

wegge wrote:

We try once more.

Nasty change beween test and patch creation fixed

attachment Deletesummary2.patch ignored as obsolete

wegge wrote:

Revised version after comments by brion

Some problems pointed out in a review by brion is fixed.