Titles are Incorrectly Case Sensitive for Intra-wiki Links
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At the mentioned URL, http://codex.wordpress.org, when linking to another page
on the wiki, the exact same capitalization as the title of the page needs to be
used currently. URLs with differring cases work just fine when entered into the
address bar of the browser (and when the page is linked-to from external websites.

This causes lots of maintenance problems, and makes it difficult to edit/create
content, since one always has to be extremely careful about the case when
linking to a page.

Symptoms with an example:
If there exists a page titled "The Loop" on the wiki, and someone links to that
page using [[The Loop]] or [[The_Loop]], the link works fine.
However, if someone links to that page using [[the loop]], [[the_loop]], [[The
loop]], [[The_loop]], [[the Loop]] or [[the_Loop]] the link shows up in the
color red upon saving, and links to the "edit page"
(..index.php?title=the_loop&action=edit for example).
This problem exists only with incorrectly capitalized links entered by editors.
On Special: pages, and "what links here" pages, for example, incorrectly
capitalized links work just fine.

The page http://codex.wordpress.org/User:MichaelH/Wiki_Tips_and_Tricks contains
a list showing intra-wiki links that work and that do not, for your reference.

Thank you.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal
URL: http://codex.wordpress.org/User:MichaelH/Wiki_Tips_and_Tricks


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Astronouth7303 wrote:

A copy of the page is at [[Wikipedia:User:Astronouth7303/Wiki Tips and Tricks]]

Astronouth7303 wrote:

Changing URL to exact page where problem is demonstrated.

brion added a comment.May 15 2005, 1:40 AM

Looks like you have $wgCapitalLinks = false set in LocalSettings. This forces titles to complete
case-sensitivity, so the wiki is working exactly as configured. (Normally the first letter is forced
to uppercase to provide a limited sort of case insensitivity in links, so [[The Loop]] and [[the
Loop]] normally both link to "The Loop".)

As for browser URL bars, note that some browsers have case-insensitive matching of previously
visited URLs in their typing autocompletion. (This is a HUGE pain in the butt when you really need
to visit URLs that differ by case!) If you typed it fresh on a browser that hadn't previously
visited the page, you would get no such match.

Note that namespace names are matched case insensitively; they are stored symbolically in the
database, not as text, so [[special:Allpages]] will work (but [[special:allpages]] does not -- the
title portion is not folded to the standard 'Allpages' and the match fails.)

See bug 453 for the (not yet dealt with) issue of providing decent case-insensitive, case-preserving
semantics for page titles.

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