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preference settings for ''2001-01-15" dates for negative years incorrectly implemented
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Author: gnygaard

This is a problem involving signs of numbers, with a major mistake in

<nowiki>[[15 March]] [[44 BC]] </nowiki> ([[15 March]] [[44 BC]]) displays as
-0043-03-15 (correct) and 15 March 44 BC (correct)

<nowiki>[[-0044-03-15]] </nowiki> ([[-0044-03-15]]) displays as -0044-03-15
(correct) and 15 March 43 BC (incorrect, should be 15 March 45 BC).

When BC dates are converted to negative numbers, you need to subtract one from
the [[absolute value]] of the BC date. Don't convert to 44 BC to a negative
number -44 and then subtract one. The year 44 BC corresponds to -43, not to
-45. The year -44 (-0044) corresponds to 45 BC, not 43 BC. If you get lost,
just go back to the beginning and figure out that zero is 1 BC, -1 is 2 BC, etc.

This has been discussed a long time ago on [[Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style
(dates and numbers)]]

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wegge wrote:

Fixed in REL1_4 and HEAD.

gnygaard wrote:

Unless there is a considerable delay time between fixing and implementation, this still
isn't fixed: <nowiki>[[-0044-03-15]] </nowiki> ([[-0044-03-15]]) still displays as 15
March 43 BC which is incorrect, it should be 15 March 45 BC.

wegge wrote:

The syncing to the live sites are a manual process, and in this case it
obviously hasn't been done yet. Right now, there are more pressing task with the
upcoming 1.5 release, so please be patient.