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atribute OVERHEAD for each page; atribute BUNDLE for subpages
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Author: gangleri


Please see

Pages like [[en:Template:ARTICLESPACE/]] are OVERHEAD pages.

It should be possible in the future to set an atribute OVERHEAD for each page
and mark similar pages. It would be a kind of equivalent to changes made with a
bot flag. OVERHEAD pages should not apear in [[Special:Whatlinkshere]] by DEFAULT.
Changes to such pages should also be marked as "minor edit" by default.
Please comment regarding other usage.

[[en:Template:ARTICLESPACE/]] is related (in a construct with a set of
templates) to [[en:Template:To do]]. The last creates "/to do" subpages.

If you watch a page normaly you watch the TALK page by default. A future
atribute BUNDLE for subpages should allow watching pages and subpages where this
atribute is set automaticaly.

It could be used for archives and project pages.

Best regards Reinhardt

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Platform: PC



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Note: "You have new messages" might / should handle user subpages without being

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