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existence of duplicate records as a result of bug 1202
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Author: gangleri

see bug 1202: Clicking "Save page" on a new page multiple times creates the page
multiple times

Some wiki's still contain duplicate records as a result of bug 1202.
Please search for "ולינגטון" at the URL from above. You should find three
records with the same name.

[[User:Andre Engels]] described a workaround / what to do at [[ro:User
See also [[he:User talk:Harel/ארכיון2]] section "database errors — duplicate

Question: It is possible to detect such duplicate records with a querry? Who can
make it?

Regards Reinhardt

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gangleri wrote:

from [[ro:User talk:Gangleri#duplicats]] by [[User:Andre Engels]]:
If you find a page more than once on a category page:

  • delete the page
  • restore the deleted page
  • make an unimportant edit or zero-edit to the page.

bug 1444: "Some categorized pages are (multi) listed as uncategorized"
may relate to this bug

I've run cleanupDupes on all wikis missing the protective index, and started adding the
index on them but stopped it because it was causing too much lag on the servers. I'll
finish it up during lower activity hours.

gangleri wrote:


ולינגטון does not apear multiple times any more.


Best regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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