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Atom items given text/plain MIME type
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Author: mediawiki

In the Atom feed for Special:Recentchanges, the type attribute for each summary
element is "text/plain" meaning that the content of the item is rendered as
plain text. Should be "text/html".

  1. Subscribe to the Recentchanges feed

(for example )

  1. Look at any item

Actual result: you see the HTML source
Expected result: you see a table of recent changes

Note: the bug appears to be in includes/Feed.php, (line 288 of CVS rev1.24 and

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: minor



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I've fixed up the Atom feed generation in CVS HEAD. It's now
compliant to Atom 1.0, and correctly marks the summaries as html. I
can confirm proper rendering of items from the en.wikipedia feed in
NetNewsWire Lite 2.0.1.