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Unknown dependency: jquery.uls in qunit tests
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I get the following failure with qunit tests on both my Wikibase client instance:

mediawiki.cldr: global failure (1, 0, 1)Rerun
Uncaught Error: Unknown dependency: jquery.uls


Obviously Wikipedia will not have ULS enabled. Can we separate the JS stuff more cleanly to include only non-ULS dependent stuff in Wikibase Lib? Or reduce the dependency?

It would be nice anyway to know which JS code can be used in client widgets, etc. Also, remember all the JS modules in Wikibase Lib will also be available for gadget and script writers on Wikipedia and it would be nice to include only stuff that can work.

Version: master
Severity: normal



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Merged change gerrit 33710 has a link to this bug, but is not linked from here.

Change I75c57b42: (bug 41932) Removing hard ULS dependency