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WP article history won't load
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Author: sweetadelaide

Occasionally, the history of a Wikipedia article won't load for me. It takes minutes, literally,
or I don't get there at all. When this happens, repeated tries of loading the history doesn't
help. The last article that gave me this problem was, yesterday
and today.

A workaround that seems to work when the history is stuck like this, is editing the article in
question and then try to access the history - it seems history is more easily accessible after
that, I am not 100% sure though if I am fooling myself here or not.

If it is of any importance in context, I use IE 5.0 ("change to Mozilla/FoxFire/Sfinx/Soap
Opera", I know)

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 2000
Platform: PC



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