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Accents are NOT disregarded in search anymore
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On 2010[1], [[User:LA2]] added a paragraph to
[[Help:Searching#Search engine features]]
which among other things says that "accents are disregarded in search". Nonetheless, although

goes directly to [[voy:pt:África]]

goes to a page with search results instead of the article

  • Was this feature broken in some recent MediaWiki update? (add "code-update-regression" keyword)
  • Did it ever work? (mark as INVALID)
  • Is this a configuration issue on ptwikivoyage?


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  • Did it ever work? (mark as INVALID)

...or "enhancement"

I guess it never worked:

Note how most have a redirect Africa → África, which is what sends ptwiki to África. It could also come from eg. Extension:TitleKey, but its code doesn't remove accents,

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I guess it never worked:

None of the examples, however, helps understanding: maybe accent folding was enabled only for English; those are all non-English wikis.
See for current (or near future) status in CirrusSearch; I think this can be closed.