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National date type
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Author: mihai

i've seen that recently on wikinews (Ro) appears English date style ... June
30, 2005 .... in romanian of course iunie 30, 2005.... the problem is that in
Ro culture is written 30 iunie 2005

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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jeluf wrote:

At which point exactly do these dates appear?
The ones that I can see on the Pagina principală are Romanian style.

mihai wrote:

Try signing with -~~~~ in one discution page

jeluf wrote:

Testing date style of signatures -- 1 iulie 2005 17:46 (UTC)

mihai wrote:

See in that page ... at the end.. Ultima modificare iulie 1, 2005 20:46.

jeluf wrote:

Apparently your user preference is set to "change date display". The interesting
point is that this parameter is not changeable on Romanian wikis ... Will fix
your user account in the database.

mihai wrote:

It's not just for me... other users too. See discutions of user D.evil

jeluf wrote:

The setting in the DB was:


The setting of the newly created user JeLuF was:


So now I set Romihaitza's date parameter to 0.

Can you check again? If it does not help, make a minor change in your user
preferences and save them and try again.

mihai wrote:

Ok now... please set all users to 0.

jeluf wrote:

12 users fixed, including D.evil

mihai wrote:

I've modified something in my Preferences and the problem rolled back.

sr.ribeiro wrote:

Same problem on WP:PT

Main date format should be, e.g., 2 Jul and not Julho 2. And I can't find
anythig at my preferences to change it.

jeluf wrote:

Fixed in Language.php, rev 1.599
SpecialPreferences.php, rev 1.123