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GeoCrumbs doesn't handle cases where a destination on a region boundary #isIn: more than one region
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Author: carlb613

All GeoCrumbs-tagged articles are inherently bastardised in that they can only have one parent. If more than one #isIn tag is found, all but the last is ignored. The extension assumes an orderly tree structure which does not necessarily match the geographical situation on the ground.

Large rural areas are often divided by region boundaries, such as the bi-national [[voy:Thousand Islands]] region, the [[voy:Glenrio]] Route 66 ghost town (divided by a state line) or [[voy:Yellowstone National Park]] (one needs to be smarter than the average bear as this spans three states).

The same issue arises for countries (and their subregions) split across continents, most infamously [[voy:Russia]] and the Caucasus Mountains.

There needs to be a means to display multiple breadcrumb trails on these pages.

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sumanah wrote:

Ruud Koot, do you have time to take a look at this? Thanks.