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Add support for interwiki links (sitelinks) which points to sections instead of whole article
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A user mentioned at
that WikiData currently doesn't support interwiki links to sections of articles. This is used to link e.g. [[Wookieepedia]] to [[pl:Biblioteka Ossus#Empirepedia]].

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banaticus wrote:

[[:w:User_talk:Banaticus#The_Tea_Leaf_-_Issue_Seven]] correctly links to the appropriate section on my user talk page on Wikipedia (presuming that it hasn't been archived and that the section is still there) from any wiki on the list shown here:

I think the problem is not with section links, but that other wikis may not be setting up their interwiki link coding correctly. Can you show an example from Wookieepedia of how this doesn't work?

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Screenshot exemplifying the bug on WikiData

I just tried to create
with a link to
[[pl:Biblioteka Ossus#Empirepedia]]
and it didn't work (see screenshot).


bug.png (467×794 px, 30 KB)

This would create sitelinks that goes to pages that does not describe single entities, thereby violating the basic premise for Wikidata - a one-to-one mapping between items in Wikidata and pages describing the same entity on the external site.

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