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use of $this->loggedin inconsistant in SkinTemplate.php (with patch)
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Author: mark

I was digging through the code today while trying to figure out how the
Views URLs work, and notices that while early on a member variable
($this->loggedin) is created as ($wgUser != 0), the member variable
isn't used consistantly. Here's a patch that makes it consistant.

It's absolutely trivial, doesn't actually fix any behaviour, and not
important for me anyway, because I'm working on an extension anyhow,
but it will be important for anybody who wants to mess with
$this->loggedin in the future. So I thought I should take the time to
submit it.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: trivial



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mark wrote:

Utterly trivial patch which makes the use of a member variable consistent


Patch doesn't apply to current code, but made similar changes in HEAD.