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Replace variables in "default" parameter
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Author: gangleri

splitted requests from bug 2805 "<inputbox> should allow to set predefined titles"
bug 2805 comment 0

a) However it might be usefull to provide the ability to *insert predefined
titles* (for the articles to be created. Each wiki could decide (on each

where no requirement about *flexible predefined titles* (trough templates) was made.

This (actual) limitation is documented at

are some tests regaring this limitation.

default=Wikiştiri:{{creează articol/truc}}
default=Wikiştiri:{{SUBST:creează articol/truc}}

*If* the actual software design would permit to use variables (and as a maximal
requirement templates) many conflicts due to already existing titles could be

This requirement somehow relates

  • to what is called *actual title* at bug 1575 comment 4
  • to what is called *legal article title* at bug 2797 comment 1

Best regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

Let me clear this up. The request is to have variables replaced in the "default"
parameter before using it to fill in the default title?

cohesion wrote:

I think so, I would use this as well, for making date based pages also.

cohesion wrote:

Actually, it's easier to just not use inputbox for this, and just encode the
variables all in a url.

robchur wrote:

This was done in r24580.