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Page history gets mixed up if entries were created the same minute
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See the URL for example, these diffs were in this order. They were created in
the same minute.

Page history show them in opposite order, which makes diffs selected from page
history look very funny (or stupid, depending on who does the look).

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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eschaefer wrote:

title=User:Ems57fcva/sandbox/General_relativity_2&action=history .

The comments for the diffs are in the right order, but the versions are mixed
up, with the more recent one (currently the current revision) being listed

gangleri wrote:

  1. (akt) (előző) 2005. július 15., 18:02 Dhanak A (→A könyv - ó,ó,ó)
  2. (akt) (előző) 2005. július 15., 18:02 Dhanak A (→Korai kísérletek - ó)

use (timestamp, oldid) as sort criteria

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

AySz88 wrote:

Recent occurance in the English Wikipedia:

In the [
title=Hurricane_Katrina&action=history Hurricane Katrina history], there are the
following edits in this order:

(cur) ([
title=Hurricane_Katrina&diff=35917800&oldid=35917605 last]) 00:38, January 20,
2006 AySz88 (Popups-assisted reversion to revision 35895397) <br/>
(cur) ([
title=Hurricane_Katrina&diff=35917605&oldid=35917601 last]) 00:36, January 20,
2006 The pi pirate (Popups-assisted reversion to revision 35895397) <br/>
(cur) ([
title=Hurricane_Katrina&diff=35917601&oldid=35917446 last]) 00:36, January 20,
2006 (→Evacuation and emergency shelters) <br/>
(cur) ([
title=Hurricane_Katrina&diff=35917446&oldid=35895397 last]) 00:34, January 20,
2006 (→Synopsis) <br/>

The diffs show how the history is jumbled. The 0036 vandal edit was applied to
the article *after* the 0036 revert, but the history lists the revert and the
vandalism backwards (it appears like vandal-vandal-revert-revert when it should
be vandal-revert-vandal-revert). Some discussion occured at
Lupin's en User Talk], where Lupin, the creator of the Popups tool, agrees that
it seems to be a bug with Mediawiki and not his own Popups tool.

gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)
The url for the example is

Marking this bug as a duplicate of
Bug 2930: The edit history is wrong: It is based on timestamps while diff and
direction is based on revision id's

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 2930 ***