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$wgWhitelistRead doesn't work with special characters
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Author: jan.eglinger

I've installed MediaWiki 1.5beta4 on PHP 4.3.10 (cgi).

Setting the reading permissions through $wgWhitelistRead in LocalSettings.php
seems not to accept special characters:

not working:
"My_Namespace:Page", "My Namespace:Über uns", "My Namespace:%C3%9Cber uns"

"My Namespace:Page", "My Namespace:Uber uns"

How do I have to encode special characters in $wgWhitelistRead in order to get
this working?

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: minor
Platform: PC



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You need to save the file in UTF-8 encoding.

(Be sure not to include a BOM character on the file, which some buggy editors will add by default. This
can cause failures in some HTTP or XML output modes.)