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(en) "Elves" redirect is not listed on Whatlinkshere list for "Elf"
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Author: creidieki+wikibugs

On the english wikipedia, the page [[Elves]] is a redirect to [[Elf]]. However,
the Whatlinkshere list for [[Elf]] doesn't list "Elves". I've checked through
the entire list twice (at 500 links / viewable page).

[[Elves]] is at
[[Elf]] is at
The whatlinkshere pages are at

My apologies if this is a duplicate; I couldn't find any bugs that I thought
would explain this.

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zigger wrote:

I edited the old (Oct 2004) [[Elves]] redirect, which created the link okay.
The missing link could have been due to an old mediawiki bug.