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"Exclamation mark %" usernames on enwiki causing some kind of trouble
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Author: avarab

If you go to the user list at

and click on any of the following usernames:

mysql> SELECT user_id,user_name FROM user WHERE user_name LIKE "Exclamation mark %";



152544Exclamation mark !
311041Exclamation mark ! !
406881Exclamation mark ! ! ! Redwolf24 will blow you for a dollar
403954Exclamation mark ! ! ! Willy on Wheels is communism ! ! ! ! !
403942Exclamation mark ! ! I HAVE HOT SEX WITH TRAFFIC CONES ! ! !
392283Exclamation mark ! !FUCKREDWOLF24! ! !
405784Exclamation mark ! !WhyisLinuxbeaksoverygay?Noonecansay,except

helikestoeat hay |

405779Exclamation mark !WhyisLinuxbeaksoverygay?Noonecansay,except

helikes to eat hay |

406878Exclamation mark FreplySpang loves steven r. smith all nite long
287371Exclamation mark SERGEJ.MAKSIMOV from Latvia

10 rows in set (0.00 sec)

you a "show contributions" and "e-mail this user" links will now show up.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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mark_sweep wrote:

I believe those entries may be duplicates or misplaced entries for accounts that
actually start with the string "! !" in place of "Exclamation mark".

They appear to have double spaces in the names; title normalization will always tuck the two to one,
so you won't get a match back.

mark_sweep wrote:

See also [[WP:ANI#Something odd: contributions by non-existent user, database
inconsistency??]] (note: link will disappear when WP:ANI gets archived).

bugs wrote:

Assuming fixed or obsolete.

Duping to bug 3507 to combine all invalid-usernames issues.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 3507 ***