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'namespacedupes --fix' moves pages with lowercase name
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Author: bugzilla


  • make page Dbv:alllimit
  • create new namespace Dbv in LocalSettings.php (#102)
  • notice Dbv:alllimit redirects to non-existant Dbv:Alllimit
  • run namespaceDupes.php --fix from maintenance-dir, it detects and fixes the

duplicate page:

Checking namespace 102: "Dbv"
... 1 conflicts detected:
... 1296 (0,"Dbv:alllimit") -> (102,"alllimit") [[Dbv:alllimit]]
... resolving on page... ok.

alas, the page is fixed to 'alllimit' instead of 'Alllimit', so 'Dbv:Alllimit'
still points to an empty page, and 'allimit' is not reachable AFAIK.

to fix: edit the database, table 'page', 'page_title' from 'a' to 'A', and the
page shows up.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: minor



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Similarly, spaces aren't trimmed: "Portal:_Three_Kingdoms" got turned into
(100,"_Three_Kingdoms") on enwiki.