Tables do not behave as expected
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Author: cloveious

I have aligned three parralel tables that display properly in Firefox web
browser until you click on a wikilink, and then the tables change on the screen
and go wonky. In Internet Explorer they just over lap.

The method for aligning the tables was the Table within a table so that text
would not come up the middle.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 2000
Platform: PC


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cloveious wrote:

Screen shot of how it is intendend to look

Before clicking a wikilink in Firefox


cloveious wrote:

Firefox after clicking the Wikilink in the tables

After clicking the Wikilink


cloveious wrote:

The same table in Internet explorer

This is how it looks in Internet explorer


cloveious wrote:

I feel kinda silly for pulling the panic alarm. I have fixed the tables by
getting rid of the align=right from the two right tables. If you add those back
in, those wierd results happen. The bug is there just not as serious as I
thought and I now how to avoid it now.

robchur wrote:

Ah, the joys of designing cross-browser. Yes, IE and Firefox don't do things the
same. I closed the bug, which I believe is what your last comment hinted at.

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