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Allow disabling MediaWiki:aboutsite in the same way as MediaWiki:Disclaimers
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Author: nickpj

Currently MediaWiki:Disclaimers can be set to '-' to disable it. A small patch
will be attached shortly that allows MediaWiki:aboutsite to be disabled in the
same way.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 2000
Platform: PC



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nickpj wrote:

Allow aboutsite to be disabled, as per disclaimers

attachment disable-aboutsite.txt ignored as obsolete

I don't think this will work quite right; it's checking based on the
currently selected user-interface language. This means if you change
MediaWiki:Aboutsite for the content language, but someone selects a
different UI language in their preferences, they'll still see a link.

nickpj wrote:

For me, that isn't a problem, because I'll be the only one that can log in to
this wiki, and everyone else will be anons - so they're stuck with the default
prefs (which will be English), take it or leave it.

However, I understand that a language-neutral approach is what's needed for the
general wiki case.

Two thoughts:

  • Does this also imply that the current MediaWiki:Disclaimers code has the same

problem? (code for that is right below the lines I changed, and is basically

  • If so, could there be a more generic way of disabling or customizing it? Maybe

something like MediaWiki:Sidebar, except for the bottom line rather than for the
nav bar? Maybe called MediaWiki:Footer, and the example contents could be
something like "aboutsite|aboutsite-url,Disclaimers|disclaimers-url". (I've used
"," as the field delimiter because it's hard to know what else to use, as a '*'
like in MediaWiki:Sidebar does not seem appropriate when it's a list going
across the page rather than down it.)

nickpj wrote:

In 1.6, note that the new "Privacy policy" link in the footer can also be
disabled by setting "MediaWiki:Privacy" to "-". "MediaWiki:aboutsite" seems to
be the only exception to this pattern for the footer.

nickpj wrote:

Allow MediaWiki:aboutsite to be disabled, plus make disabling footer stuff work right when uselang=XX param is used

Review requested please, in case this breaks something I haven't considered.


nickpj wrote:

Checked-in as r19959, marking as fixed.