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"<-- Go back to the page I was reading" when I was editing
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start editing a page as anon
  2. Click "Create account" and fill out form
  3. Get redirected to Special:GettingStarted

The link on the bottom to return to what I was doing says "Go back to the page I was reading". But I was editing. Note that clicking on the link does bring back the edit view. My only concern is about the wording.

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Severity: enhancement



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swalling wrote:

Yes, if we stick with sending users through Special:GettingStarted, we need to either fix this wording, or simply not interrupt users who were editing (like we do in the test version of [[m:R:OB6]])

swalling wrote:

This may be invalid soon since we're removing the Special page in favor of modals.

swalling wrote:

We've removed the Special page now.