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Allow 3-way merge from arbitary revisions
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This allows the following cool "editprotected" flow:

  1. Requester puts the modified version of the requested page somewhere else (maybe a subpage of talk page).
  2. Requester tells admins revision ids of the modified version and the original revision which the modified one is based on, possibly with a gadget.
  3. An admin edits the page with &undoafter=<modified revid>&undo=<original revid>.
  4. If there's a conflict, admins can check &diff=<modified revid>&oldid=<original revid> and manually apply that, or ask the requester to submit a new "patch".

Actually existing code can work in this way, and it's only some sanity check which blocks that. gerrit 91943 is a demonstration of removal of that.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal



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Change 91943 had a related patch set uploaded by Liangent:

Besides the check, "# If they got undoafter and undo round the wrong way, switch them" also needs to be removed. I'm not sure whether this is feasible, but &diff=&oldid= is not working in this way (to be smart and swap values when "needed", and IIRC it was working in this way).

Change 91943 merged by jenkins-bot:
(bug 56184) Allow 3-way merge from arbitrary revisions