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Support Sybase database management system
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Author: danim

I want to use wiki, but my IT dept. would not allow me to install a new database
that has to be managed in addition of the existing one (sybase). Perhaps I can
make the changes, just give me some directions on what can I do, and how can I
send the changes to you. I downloaded 1.5.1 and it seems to have postgres
support, I wonder if all I have to do is to create a
"include/DatabaseSybase.php" in order for mediawiki to accept sybase connections
Sybase databases have a very similar syntax to mssql, so it could be that we can
support both in a single class.

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Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

To add support for a new database engine, a database abstraction layer
(DatabaseSybase.php, in this case) needs to be written, consistent with the
others. In addition, support needs to be added in the installer, and table
definitions need to be provided. You then need to extensively test the software
to ensure everything continues to interoperate.

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring this development, or you
individually would like to contribute to it, it would be advisable to contact
our lead developer, Brion Vibber, for commit access, so you can work in a branch
on Subversion.

There is no "roadmap" plan to implement support for Sybase, or any other
database management system, at this time.

More than 5 years of inactivity, I mark this as WONTFIX. Please feel free to REOPEN if you want to add this functionality.