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RSS Feed Errors
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Author: axelseaa

The RSS feeds are not working as of the 1.5.2 release. I have a small wiki farm
set up for a handful of wiki's. I tracked the problem down to the following.

If you try the RSS feed right after you install a new wiki, it will work fine.
If you try it after editing or changing anything that will create a recent entry
the rss feed generation creates a blank line at the start of the file which
causes the rss file to not be valid.

Is there a quick fix to this?

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Linux



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Please check your LocalSettings.php and other files you've modified for extra
whitespace at the beginning or end of the file. This is by far the most frequent
cause of failed RSS feeds.

axelseaa wrote:

There do not appear to be any extra whitespace. Like i stated above, the rss
feed works fine on a fresh install until anything is changed. That would lead
me to believe it is something else?

This wiki does use LDAP authentication if that could somehow be involved.

Make an actual fresh install, that does not contain third-party plugins. Then,
very carefully provide exact, detailed instructions on reproducing the "changes"
until it stops working.

I am unable to reproduce the reported problem on a 1.5 test wiki after editing

axelseaa wrote:

*** Bug 3874 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

axelseaa wrote:

The LdapAuthentication.php file had 2 spaces after the closing php tag. Why
would that break the rss?

All is correct now.

Those spaces go into output, and XML is anal about the file header.