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Stewards can't set user rights for enwiki (originally jawiki)
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Author: beesley

Stewards can't set user rights for jawiki. When trying to enter Angela@jawiki
(or any valid username) in>, I
get the error
:'Bad interwiki username: Bogus database suffix "jawiki"'

It's working for other languages, and for other Japanese wikis, but not for the
Japanese Wikipedia. Datrio had the same error.

We tried other suffixes, like ja, jawikipedia, and jpwiki, but those don't work

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Severity: normal



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jawiki, kowiki, mswiki, and thwiki are currently in the Korean cluster, and
can't be directly accessed or manipulated from the Florida cluster.

We're gonna have to find some way around this I guess...

beesley wrote:

Stewards can be on stewards on jawiki if they need to access the Korean cluster now.

beesley wrote:

This problem now applies instead to the new English cluster due to according
to Tim.

Fixed in r13777.

(The wikis in the Korean cluster are still separate.)