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redo categorie; add logic functions
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categories are a big stake
My proposition is:
look at this example
for this article


<nowiki>[[Category:Birth]]&[[Category:26 février 1802]]&</nowiki>

<nowiki>[[Category:death]]&[[Category:22 mai 1885]]</nowiki>

'''i dont want to see this <nowiki>[[Category:1885 deaths]]</nowiki>'''

we have to redo every categories that contains many words like theses:
1802 births | 1885 deaths | French dramatists and playwrights | French poets |
French novelists | French-language poets | Members of the Académie française |
Romantic poets

by something like this:

<nowiki>[[Category:Birth]]&[[Category:26 février 1802]]&</nowiki>
<nowiki>[[Category:death]]&[[Category:22 mai 1885]]</nowiki>
[[Category:poets]]or[[Category:dramatists ]]or[[Category:Members of the Académie

about time:
<nowiki>[[26 february 1802]] belongs to:
[[Category:february 1802]] belongs to:
[[Category:1802]] belongs to:
[[Category:19th centuary]]


for sure this is not strictly correct
do you understand the spirit?
any comment?

in french:


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You want the semantic wiki stuff.