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Redirect not working after submit
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Author: denishoctor

When I click the submit button, on all edit pages, I get an error telling me
"www.olmconsultancy.iehttp could not be found". The update takes effect but the
page remains at the edit tab.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

What is the value of $wgScriptPath in your LocalSettings.php file, and what's
the value of $wgArticlePath?

denishoctor wrote:

$wgScriptPath = "";

$wgArticlePath = "$wgScript/$1";

Remove the '' from $wgScriptPath.

denishoctor wrote:

The problem still occurs.

robchur wrote:

Cleared your cache/purged the page caches?

robchur wrote:

No feedback for a while; assuming resolved, abandoned or taken to the mailing
list. If not, please do the latter, since this works for other people; hence
it's almost certain to be a configuration issue.