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On, Special:Book is unable to export in ZIM format
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Whereas this works well on Wikipedia (at least "frwiki"), seems to be unable to export in the ZIM format. If you choose "Kiwix (openZIM), the "Special:Book" page will generate a PDF instead.

To reproduce:
1 - Enable book creator
2 - Add any page
3 - Generate the book, choose "Kiwix (openZIM)"
4 - Download the file

The file is a PDF, it should be a ZIM file.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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robin.herve wrote:

At the same time, notice that the requested export to ODT / ODF also provides a PDF file, if you
1 - enable Book Creator;
2 - add any page of;
3 - generate a book, choosing "ODT"
4 - download the file

The file is a PDF too, despite you asked for an ODF.

Different problem, hence please create a separate bug report. Thanks!

I get this problem on enwikibooks too, so not just

However, things seem fine on (Which is kind of odd as enwikibooks and enwikipedia should be using the same version)

Bug 57975, bug 57920 and bug 58151 are currently investigated by mwalker.

This is working nowadays - I checked on with a hex editor that the file is in ZIM format.