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Support for \textstyle et al. in <math>
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Author: bkell

It would be very useful to be able to use \displaystyle, \textstyle,
\scriptstyle, and \scriptscriptstyle in <math> markup (mostly \textstyle). For
an example, please see my sandbox at

Currently things like <math>n\choose k</math> render in display style, which is
fine for displayed math (i.e., math set aside in its own little box on a line by
itself), but is far too large to be used comfortably in running text. All four
of \displaystyle, \textstyle, \scriptstyle, and \scriptscriptstyle are defined
in both plain TeX and LaTeX.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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lupin.wp wrote:

simple patch

This patch adds (PNG-only) support for these TeX commands.


robchur wrote:

Applied to CVS HEAD.

bkell wrote:

An improvement has been made, in that \textstyle no longer causes MediaWiki to
barf, but \textstyle has absolutely no effect. <math>\textstyle n\choose
k</math> produces exactly the same thing as <math>n\choose k</math>.