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Search only searched for complete words by default, not for subpatterns
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Author: oliver.neumann

Let's say you have a document in the WIKI containign the following phrase:

"This is only a test phrase. Lets see what happens."

I now search for 'phra' which should match this document as this text is a
subpattern of a word in that document. But it doesn't match, it only matches if
I search for 'phrase'.

This is bad, because we have many documents that contain domainnames e.g. so if
someone searches for 'test' he should find pages containing
'', but currently no pages are found.

Is there a patch that supports searching for subpatterns?

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal



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zigger wrote:

I'm not sure which wiki you're using, but try wildcarding: phra* test*

Re-open this if you find you have a related bug or feature request.

oliver.neumann wrote:

This does not work either. We are using standard Mediawiki 1.4.0.

Check the mailing list archives, you'll find discussion of a patch for the
search to let '*' through.

Also, upgrade! 1.4.0 is old, buggy, and has security holes. No one ANYWHERE
should be using it.

Sebastian.Dietrich wrote:

See regular expressions or

You cannot use regular expressions or wildcards such as ? or *. If you don't
know what that is, don't worry about it. To search for pages with the words
"boat" or "boats" search like this: "boat or boats".

This feature is definitely missing - many of my users complain about it...

stefan.eichenhofer wrote:

Yes, that´s what is really annoying. But what about wikipedia which is based
on MediaWiki as far as I know. WikiPedia supports Wildcard-search to a
certain extend.

see Wikipedia documentation:
You can use some limited wildcards if you really want to. See Boolean
fulltext search for details on their use. However, wildcard searches are
slower, so go easy on the poor server.

Does Wikipedia use a different search engine then???

  • Bug 7719 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Fixed in r25794; wildcard matches now work as originally intended but never quite implemented right.