Special:MostLinkedCategories shows links to non-existent categories with 0 members
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My understanding is that Special:MostLinkedCategories should display links to:

  1. existent categories with >0 members,
  2. non-existent categories with >0 members,
  3. (possibly) existent categories with 0 members.

On the other hand, it should *not* display links to:

  1. non-existent categories with 0 members.

Case 4. originates from 3. by removing a page from the respective category or by deleting an unused category.

Links from case 4. are currently displayed in the Special:MostLinkedCategories list - this is the point of this bug report.

Also note that Special:MostLinkedPages and Special:MostLinkedTemplates do not contain links to non-existent pages/templates with 0 links/transclusions.

Some links to show you what I mean:

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal

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dariogiova wrote:

I'm just adding that this behaviour may allow a malicious user to leave traces of e.g. spamming or defamatory Category names by just adding one article to such a Category, whose "wanted" name would appearently stay in the list without the possibility of being removed.

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Change 103856 had a related patch set uploaded by Brian Wolff:
Don't include empty categories in Special:Mostlinkedcategories


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Change 103856 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't include empty categories in Special:Mostlinkedcategories


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