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Blue screen of death with Wikipedia fr:Courbe de Bézier
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Author: cdang


I have a blue screen of death when I display the [[:fr:Courbe
de Bézier]] article, and it is reproductible. I read this
page without problem in the past (and probably edited it, my
account is cdang). Part of this problem lies certainly in my
computer (config, software installed...), but it only happens
with this specific page (so far), so I guess there is
something "special" with this page.

My config
Pentium III 600 MHz
Windows NT4 SP6
IE 6.0.2600.0000

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows NT
Platform: PC
URL: de Bézier



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robchur wrote:

Loaded the article, and I can't see anything "off" with it or the markup. No
ideas, I'm afraid.

cdang wrote:

I've got the same with
but only when I scroll to the bottom of the page.

For both pages, the blue screen of death tells me

cdang wrote:

Due to a system crash (yes, this does sometimes happen), I had to reinstall
Windows NT4, and this does not happen anymore.

So I think I'll never know what was incompatible with these pages.