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Show warning when editing an orphaned page
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Author: stanley

Could you make a small warning when user creating or editing orphaned/lonely
pages? something like "warning, you are editing orphaned page. it is possible
that this page would never be read or found" .

The intention is to make the editor aware of this and urge him to make link to
it from another page.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

Or something like, "Note: No pages presently link to this page. After creating
it, you should add [[Help:Link|links]] to it from relevant pages."

stanley wrote:

The warning must also appears when the page in editing mode (if it is still an
orphan page).

What's the point of a warning? You have to jump through hoops just to get there,
you should already know you're doing the wrong thing.

stanley wrote:

The frequency of people creating new articles just by typing it in url is quite
high in id.wikipedia. This lead to a lot of orphan pages.

robchur wrote:

He has a point, mind...if you type in, then you will be
informed of the fact it doesn't, and receive the option to edit it. You will
also usually be reminded to search to ensure you're not creating a redundant page.

stanley wrote:

My point exactly.

  1. User typing in search box some string not a article title but contained in

some articles.

  1. Since search index is not uptodate, search result would found no articles

match. User suggested to begin create the article.

  1. User create the article.
  2. Simsalabim. New orphan page created.

robchur wrote:

Per comment 4 and comment 6.