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options disappear in id.wikipedia recentchanges page
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Author: stanley

hide/show minor edits, hide/show bots, hide/show logged in users options
disappear in id.wikipedia recentchanges special page.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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stanley wrote:

this condition only when user choose id (Indonesian) interface language. en
interface language works fine.

gangleri wrote:

Hi Borgx!

step 1:
Please compare [[en:MediaWiki:Rclinks]] with [[id:MediaWiki:Rclinks]].
Last contains:
Perlihatkan $1 perubahan terkini dalam $2 hari terakhir.
Please change to:
Perlihatkan $1 perubahan terkini dalam $2 hari terakhir.<br />$3

step 2:
Please search for "showhideminor" at [[en:Special:Allmessages]] (using en: as
user language interface). Compare the actual value and the default value.
[[id:MediaWiki:Showhideminor]] will shown in [[id:special:Recentchanges]]. It
differs in the same way from the default as [[en:MediaWiki:Showhideminor]]. This
is fine for Wikipedia where patrolled edits are disabeled.

Read about this at [[meta:Help:Patrolled_edit]]. If you like to see how it works
log in at and go to Click on a link with the
"N" flag. You should see the [Mark this article as patrolled] link at the bottom
(right) of the content area.

step 3
Make the same configuration at id: sister projects (requires to be a sysop there).

step 4:
Please submit the change of [[id:MediaWiki:Rclinks]] and other changes you might
have made at messages from [[id:Special:Allmessages]] in a *unified patch* for
changing LanguageId.php. This will allow to use id: as user language interface
at any other wiki without restiricting functionality. See bug 2045.
Submit only changes whitch are relevant to the "default" configuration (do not
change [[id:MediaWiki:Showhideminor]] as this is fine).
a) Do not include traslated namespaces or "Wikipedia" in links but generic /
english names only.
See bug 2475 LanguageXx.php should not use localized namespaces in links
translations it should use only generic namespaces
and compare with the default value of sitestatstext at
b) Do not submit texts to default LanguageId.php which related to one project
only (as WP:ID). Keep MediaWiki messages general and independend of projects.

Closing this bug as invalid because step 1 should fix the problem at WP:ID.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

stanley wrote:

It appears that current value of rclinks is minus $3 parameter. Closing bug.