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add comment "#nn" in emails;
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Author: gangleri


When reviewing the emails generated with "bugzilla-daemon at"
it should be possible to see the URL *inside* the emails as "[Bug nnnn] New:
foo" also. sends *inside* the notification for following emails as

  • Comment #162 from NN date and time -------

This should be only a configuration (or version) issue.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Summary: add URL field in emails for new bugs; add comment "#nn"
         in emails for all following ones



gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)
Thanks Brion for the quick answer.

  1. is INVALID; it worked fine already before I opened this report
  1. please take a look at
line 800 ..

800 foreach (@$comments) {
801 my ($who, $when, $text, $isprivate, $already_wrapped) = @$_;
802 if ($count) {
803 $result .= "\n\n------- Comment #$count from $who" .
804 Param('emailsuffix'). " " . format_time($when) .
805 " -------\n";
806 }
807 if ($isprivate > 0 && Param('insidergroup')) {
808 $anyprivate = 1;
809 }
810 $result .= ($already_wrapped ? $text : wrap_comment($text));
811 $count++;
812 }

line 803 contains *#$count*

  1. It might be possible to append also "#cnn" to the links send via email. One

must scroll however to view what the bug is about (summary, product, component
etc.). However MediaZilla is wikified while the email content is not. This is
why "show_bug.cgi?id=FOO#cBAR" is a better source then the email.

*note* There is no anchor for "View Bug Activity" and I do not know if using
"show_activity.cgi?id=FOO" instead of "show_bug.cgi?id=FOO" would be a goog idea.

  1. At *URL* we could insert between the editbox and the button "Commit" *(if

possible as permanent link)* or somthing similar. This practice would help
finding the url's easier because most wiki pages get changed / fixed. Permanent
links should be accessible until these oldid's get deleted. Permanent links
should help to save time.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

3.0 template includes the comment in the mails now.