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[[MediaWiki:History copyright]] used also at most recent revision in the footer
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Author: gangleri


Please go to
and chose "Newer revision →" unless you reach the *last* revision.

At the last revision this link turns gray.

However in the footer of the page you will still see

"This version of the article has been *revised*."

This does not make sense / Tis is a minor bug because users / visitors would see
the same content of the page if they click on the link unless this is not
changed in the mean time what can also happen to url's without &oldid=nnnn .

Please compare the footer of the last revision with the footer of [[en:Dog]].
Probaly this should be used.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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Severity: trivial



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robchur wrote:

We should probably cause the "next" link to become a straight link to the
article when the "next" revision is the current one. It seems our handling is
out when it comes to viewing histories.

At the same time; the link to the most current revision (in the page history
itself) should also be treated as a straight link.

marco wrote:

Also works with just the page's permanent link, you dont need to jump through diffs: